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Contour Twist Pillow Contour Twist Pillow Contour Twist Pillow
Contour Twist Pillow Contour Twist Pillow Contour Twist Pillow
Item Name: Contour Twist Pillow   - Totally Flexible Head And Neck Support Pillow

Item No.: ASOTV-G20

The Contour Twist Pillow is the most versatile and useful pillow you'll ever buy. It bends and twists into almost any shape or position and it stays put! Soft poly foam pillow with an articulating linkage deep inside easily forms and comfortably supports. Soft poly velour cover.

  • Bend it around your neck for reading or watching TV
  • Twist it around your neck and up for the most comfortable travel pillow
  • Shape it for a bed time beauty pillow
  • Wrap it around your lower back for support
  • Curve it to cradle a baby
  • Uses are unlimited!
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