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Hanger Cascader Hanger Cascader
Hanger Cascader Hanger Cascader
Item Name: Hanger Cascader   - Maximize Closet Space With Hanger Cascader

Item No.: ASOTV-H056

Closet space is a valuable commodity in most households. Maximize this space with the Hanger Cascader. Specially designed to hold up to 6 hangers, this holder allows you to suspend and remove hangers quickly and easily. Each cascader holds up to six of your plastic, wire or wooden hangers.

Hanger Cascader Features:
  • Holds 6 hangers
  • Durable chromed steel construction
  • For plastic, wire and wooden hangers
  • Maximize space by removing either side
  • Use both hooks to hang clothes horizontally
Make the most of your valuable closet space with these metal hanger cascaders. A specially designed insert area allows you to suspend and remove hangers simply. Simply hang on closet rod, hang clothes hangers on the allotted slots, and drop one end to maximize closet storage.

Hanger Cascader
is made of durable chrome finished steel that endures years of daily use. This innovative hanger holder features 2 hooks that secure to any standard closet rod to keep your clothes evenly spaced to avoid wrinkles and to make selection much faster. Use both hooks to hang clothing horizontally or maximize closet space by removing either side and let the cascader hold up to 6 garments in the space of 1. Great for purses and belts too!
Price for small order: USD 3.50 (4-piece pack)
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