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Item Name: Bugslock - 100% Natural Mosquito Repelling Wrist Band!

Item No.: ASOTV-P042

Bugslock is a brand new mosquito repelling product, using a 100% natural aroma. Bugslock is band-shaped to be worn on wrist or ankle. The band emits an aroma that mosquitoes cannot stand. Bugslock is made of non-toxic, deet-free substance and its aroma is 100% natural, thus the item is safe for all ages and everyone in your family, including babies.
Bugslock Bugslock
Bugslock Bugslock
Bugslocks are perfect for tanning, fishing, golf and camping etc. They are small, easy to carry and reusable. When the product is not in use, simply put it back into the package and close the zipper.

As the Bugslock aromatic band is available in many colors and beautiful in design, it makes an elegant accessory for women and also a fun item for children.
Price for small order: USD 0.51
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